The Diary of a CFD Trader (Sample)
Catherine Davey, 52 , 2009


The Diary of a CFD Trader by Catherine Davey is a personal account and guide to trading CFDs (Contracts for Difference). The book chronicles Davey's three-month journey of turning $13,000 into $30,000, providing insights into her trading strategies, emotional experiences, and the practicalities of trading CFDs. This free sample covers the basics of CFDs, and the first week of her trading log.

Our verdict

In our opinion, The Diary of a CFD Trader by Catherine Davey particularly shines for those who are new to CFDs. The book's strength lies in its honest and detailed account of the author's trading experiences, providing readers with a realistic look at both the challenges and rewards of trading CFDs. Davey's transparent discussion of her mistakes and emotional journey makes the book relatable and instructive.